Understanding Concurrency in Java

Concurrency is a crucial concept in modern programming, especially in a language like Java. It allows multiple parts of a program to execute simultaneously, potentially leading to more efficient use of resources and improved performance. The Importance of Synchronization In multithreaded programming, synchronization is a mechanism that ensures that two or more concurrent threads do […]

Understanding Abstract Class and Anonymous Class in Java

Java, as an object-oriented programming language, provides several powerful features, two of which are abstract classes and anonymous classes. In this blog post, we will delve into these concepts and understand how they work together. Abstract Classes In Java, an abstract class is a class that cannot be instantiated directly. It often contains one or […]

Java cheat Code

To convert a Stack to an int[] in Java, you can follow these steps: import java.util.*; public class StackToArrayExample {public static void main(String[] args) {Stack stack = new Stack<>();stack.push(10);stack.push(15);stack.push(30);stack.push(20);stack.push(5); }

Demystifying @Autowired in Spring: More Than Just Dependency Injection

In the world of Spring, @Autowired is a superstar annotation that most developers use daily. But how much do we really understand it? Is it just a magical keyword that makes dependencies appear, or is there more to the story? Today, we’ll peel back the layers of @Autowired to truly grasp its power, versatility, and […]

Mastering Spring JPA: Configuring Multiple Databases with MySQL and PostgreSQL

In today’s microservices-driven world, it’s not uncommon for applications to interact with multiple databases. Perhaps you’re migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL and need to maintain both during the transition, or maybe different parts of your application require distinct database technologies. Whatever the reason, Spring Data JPA makes it a breeze to work with multiple databases […]

Interview Experience At Walmart

Question 1: Finding the Median from a Data Stream in Java We’ll explore how to find the median from a data stream using Java. This is a common problem in data analysis and statistics, and it can be solved efficiently using a data structure called a heap. You can find this problem at Leetcode. Find […]

Interview Experience At GoModer

Sure, here are the questions I could extract from the given text: Question: Take a list of number, 2, 5, 10, some random number.  Find out the second largest number into this list. Answer: Please Learn more about Limit, Skip, reduce in following blog. Question: Two list list1: {“Apple”, “Bannana”} and list2= {“Bannana”, “Graphs”} So, […]

Difference Between Abstract Class and Interface Java

In object-oriented programming, both interfaces and abstract classes are used to create contracts for classes to follow. But they serve different purposes and are used in different contexts. Let’s dive into the details. What is an Interface? An interface is a contract 🤝 that guarantees that a class implements a certain set of methods. It’s […]